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Tsukazaki no Shishimai (Lion Dance) Ibaraki Prefectures Designated Intangible Cultural Property    

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Tsukazaki no Shishimai is called Oshissama and performed at Katori Shrine on April 15, July 15, and November 15 every year to pray for the productiveness of grain and world peace and tranquility. A group called Shishiko (Lion Dance Fraternity) composed of only eldest sons from youngsters to old folk of the area has inherited and performs the shishimai. The origin of the shishimai is unknown but the Oshishikochu Ninbetsu Aratamecho (census register of Shishiko) of 1717 is handed down. In addition, it has been said that Tsukazaki no Shishimai dedicated a rain dance at the request of Kuze Yamatonokami of the Sekiyado domain in the Edo period, and as an incentive award for having made it rain, the emblem Kazegake no Igetahon was awarded. The group might have visited neighboring villages, too, and performed the rain dance. In 1960, Tsukazaki no Shishimai was designated as an Ibaraki Prefectures Intangible Cultural Property.

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