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Maebashi City , Gunma
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Tsukida no Shishimai (Lion Dance) and Onabuchi no Daidai Kagura Traditional performing arts of Kasukawa-mura    

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It is Kasukawa-machi, Maebashi City that has been receiving favors of the River Kasukawa that runs at the foot of Mt. Akagi located northwest of the Kanto Plain. At Chikato Shrine of Tsukida block of Kasukawa-machi, Okaori Shinji is held as the annual celebration on the last Sunday of August every year, and shishimai is dedicated. There remains a record of dedication of shishimai in 1533 in the Muromachi period. The origin of Kasukawa is that a parent god who lived in Mt. Akagi allowed kasusake (sweet sake made from sake lees) to flow in the river to tell a son god that religious rites had been safely finished, and the river was given the name of Kasukawa (river of sake lees) and this divine service is said to have started.

At Goryo Shrine, in the middle of April and October every year, daidai kagura is dedicated. The kagura was started in 1879 and has been constantly performed for about 130 years. Daidai kagura is dedicated to pray for the productiveness of grain and world peace and tranquility, and in 1998, a conservation society was organized and the daidai kagura has been handed down.

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