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Fussa Citys Intangible Folk Cultural Property    

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Fussa no tenno bayashi (tenno musical accompaniment of Fussa) is dedicated at Shinmeisha. The ohayashi was restored by the Conservation Society in 1981. It is well handed down to children and some three-generation families play the ohayashi. It is said that Fussa matsuri bayashi (Fussa Festivals musical accompaniment) was handed down from Furuya Jumatsu of Tokorozawa to the people in his neighborhood at the beginning of the Meiji period, and a hayashi-ren (music accompaniment party) was organized for every branch of young mens association and began to appear at summer festivals. Thereafter, the ohayashi is played in each town block. On the very day of the annual festival of Shinmeisha, floats gather together from various blocks and perform the ohayashi at the approach. Portable shrines enter the precincts and at shrine pavilions, divine services are performed to pray for the safety of the summer festival. Then, in front of the shrine pavilions, tenno bayashi is dedicated and portable shrines are sent out to the town. Mikinokuchi is a luckbringer made of bamboo, which decorates the mouth of a bottle containing sacred sake for the new year. At present, there is only one person who can make this luckbringer. There used to be various forms of mikinokuchi such as bin, wa, myoga, and omoto, which can be seen at local resource centers.

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