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Itoigawa City , Niigata
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Toumi Okagura    

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In Toumi block of Oumi region of Itoigawa City, shishimai kagura is performed to pray for sound health and exorcising of evil spirits at the time of the spring festival of Yamazoe Shrine, which is held around April 15 every year, as well as at the time of shrine festivals and celebrations.
Toumi okagura comprises three kinds of kagura and begins with Hirajishi, in which a lion treads and purifies four directions to exorcise evil spirits, then, it is followed by Men kagura, in which the lion and tengu (long-nosed goblin) fight, and it ends with Hon kagura, the main event of the kagura.
In addition to them, five kagura dances are handed down, namely, Koukeishi, Iseondo, Yagibushi, Shinbokodaiji, and Okesa, all of which are very graceful dances. In the past, kagura performers visited each house and performed kagura. (Event-holding date: Sunday around April 15)

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