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Ina City , Nagano
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Patrimony of Takato Bayashi Shinshu Takato, Town of History    

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In Takato-machi of Ina City, which flourished as a castle town of Takato domain in the Edo period, there are a large number of temples and shrines of old standing. Above all, Hokoji Shrine, which traces its source to the Heian period, is a large shrine consecrating three shrines of Izu, Hakone, and Mishima and venerated by successive castellans of Takato. In the annual festival of Hokoji Shrine, which is held on April 15, Takato bayashi is chanted together around floats. It is said that Takato bayashi is originated from noh, which flourished around the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 18th century and was modified, and the ohayashi handed down to each block has varying respective melodies. At present, Takato bayashi is performed at the lantern festival held on September 23, and in the evening of September 22, people march in a parade accompanied by ohayashi. On the outward journey, Honbayashi, which has a quiet and slow rhythm, is played, but on the homeward journey, lively ohayashi with a quick tempo called Kaeribayashi is played.

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