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In Anan-cho located in the southernmost end of Nagano Prefecture at the prefectural boundary, folkloric performing art is handed down as it was in the medieval era. The long history and climate have fostered the festival and nurtured festival-supporting people. In this region, a large number of folkloric performing arts exist, including important national intangible cultural properties. Among them, this video introduces Hiyoshi no Okuwa Matsuri, where worship takes place with a small iron-made spade for praying for the productiveness of grain, Fukami no Gion Matsuri, in which massive rafts are assembled and set afloat to welcome the deity and to pray for sound health, Wago no Nenbutsu Odori, in which drums are beaten while a prayer to the Buddha is recited for ancestors and persons who recently passed away, Ningyo-shibai (puppet shows) of Waseda, which were introduced from Shikoku and Osaka and are dedicated as a divine service, and Awano no Hayashi Yatai, in which floats are paraded carrying musical accompanists. In this region, these folkloric performing arts remain in solid form, and are inherited as valuable ethnic heritage.

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