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Yamame Matsuri Shizuoka Citys Designated Intangible Folklore Cultural Property    

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Yamame Matsuri is a festival passed down in Tashiro, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City, in which yamame-zushi, sushi made of a kind of trout, is dedicated to Tashiro Suwa Shrine, which was first founded in 1238 as a branch shrine of Suwataisha Grand Shrine in Shinshu, according to tradition, as special food and wine offered to the gods. Foxtail millet seeds that serve as the main ingredient of yamame-zushi are grown in a swidden and harvested on August 10, and 35 yamame (masu salmon) are fished out in the fishing festival held at Myojindani on August 20. Yamame-zushi is fixed by stuffing millet rice in yamame pickled with salt. In the present video, swidden making on May 3, foxtail millet seed harvesting on August 10, yamame festival on August 20, preparation of the festival carried out all together by village people on August 25, mikoshi togyo (passage of a festival portable shrine) performed once every four years at the annual festival on August 26, kagura dedicated to the main shrine, offering of yamame-zushi to the gods, the main festival and naorai (ceremonial repast or communion feast) on August 27, and others are introduced.

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