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Tsu City , Mie
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Kanko Odori of Minami-Nagano Hosono Gion Odori of Kita-Nagano    

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In Minami-Nagano block of Misato-machi, Tsu City, Mie, on August 15 every year, a dance is performed to pray for a year of abundance and growth of children. According to tradition, the dance started in 1863 and has been taken over by local conservation societies since 1978. Dancers dance with a straw rice-bag or drum held to pray for a year of abundance and shide, a zigzag-shaped paper streamer carried on their shoulders. This shide comprises 12 paper streamers, which represent the 12 months of the year. Five-year-old children also participate in Naka-daiko, the central drum, located at the center. In Kita-Nagano Hosono block, on August 15 every year, in the precincts of Nagano Shrine, dances dedicated to Susano-o no Mikoto are performed to pray for an abundant harvest and to drive away epidemics. Dancers called Kanko dress themselves in rice-planting costume, hang kakko drums from their chests, carry 18 pieces of shide on their shoulders, and dance. Miya Odori (shrine dance) is danced at Nagano Shrine and Tera Odori (temple dance), at an amusement park of the block.

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