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Mishima no Kasedori Event Tradition handed to the next generation Saga Prefectures Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property    

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Mishima no Kasedori Event, which remains in Hasuike-machi, Saga, is held on the second Saturday of February every year as an event of the lunar new year. The origin is not clear, but according to patriarchs, the event has been continuously held for about 350 years since the Lord of Nabeshima built a castle in Hasuike and became a castellan. Unmarried men serve as a male bird and a female bird. By putting on a straw raincoat and a bamboo hat to masquerade, the dancers become deities and after dedication at the shrine, they make a tour to each home and bring a blessing to each home. This is the event of raihoshin (visiting gods). In addition to the deities, two lantern holders, two tengu holders, one gohei (pendant paper strips) holder, two basket carriers, and three chanting people compose a team and visit each home. The event, which remains solely in Saga Prefecture, is very valuable from the viewpoint of folklore and is designated as an important prefectural intangible cultural property.

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