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Raised in greenery and clear streams Local performing art handed down to Mizukami-mura    

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The place name of Mizukami derives from the site of the headwaters of Kuma River.

Shiramizu kagura: In Furuyashiki block, Shiramizu kagura is dedicated on September 23 when the autumnal main festival of Shiramizu Aso Shrine is held. This kagura is said to be passed from adjacent Shiiba-son of Miyazaki Prefecture in the Taisho period.

Sengahira tora odori (tiger dance): In Sengahira block, tora odori, which is said to be handed down to this village from the beginning of the Taisho period, is performed in an open space of the village. Midway, a shibai (play) is performed, and then, the tora odori is performed again to be dedicated to Sengahira Hachiman Jingu Shrine.

Song of pilgrimage to Otake-san: In around 807, a huge rock was found at Mt. Ichifusa, and the divine spirit of Kirishima was sprinkled (kanjo, the Buddhist rite of sprinkling water on the head of a priest as proof that the precepts were correctly conferred) on it as a holy land. The sacred site became well known as a god of marriage and the song of pilgrimage to Otake-san is sung by people who visit this place.

Kawauchi no Heike odori: In Kawauchi block, the main festival is held in the fall and Heike odori derived from the Taira-Minamoto War is performed. While performing Michidaiko, 16 dancers enter the site and Heike odori begins.

Usudaiko odori of Uwagusuri: The dance performed with a rice mortar-shaped drum carried in front is dedicated at the autumnal main festival of Hachiman Shrine of the village. First of all, the dance is started with Kashiwa no Niwairi and then, Waki no Niwairi follows. This soul-stirring, masculine dance is derived from the Taira-Minamoto War in ancient times. (Event-holding date: September 23).

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