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Yoshinomiya Monogatari (Story of Yoshinomiya) Thinking of the good old days and praying for the future    

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There is a legend where a blind priest of high rank was assaulted by a ruffian who had an eye on his money at the end of the 1400s in the vicinity of village boundary between Morotsuka-son and Misato-son (former Hokugo-son) and was murdered with a lethal weapon. It is Yoshinomiya Shrine that is dedicated to the soul of this blind priest and is also called Zato-san (blind masseur).

In the vicinity of Yoshinomiya Shrine, there is a tower erected for the repose of the priests soul by village people in 1743 and on March 28 every year, a festival for revering an eye deity is held by village people. To the festival, not only the village people but also a large number of devotees come from nearby towns and villages, and on the eve, at the shrine, a wake is held by a Shinto priest and village people.

This legend and the festival could be handed down in the form of video images.

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