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Usudaiko Odori    

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From Miyazaki Prefecture to Kumamoto Prefecture, usudaiko odori has been handed down from ancient times. Usudaiko odori was developed from nenbutsu odori (Buddhist invocation dance) for holding a memorial service for souls of ancestors to furyu performed by a group of brilliantly dressed dancers. Usudaiko was named because a rice mortar was originally laid down and held on the chest. This usudaiko odori is characterized by carrying something on shoulders on the side of Miyazaki Prefecture, while on the side of Kumamoto Prefecture, it is characterized by wearing a helmet for the battlefield. In this series, dances of four blocks, Okawauchi, Oyabu, Tsugao, and Tonegawa, which are regularly danced every year in Shiiba-son of Miyazaki Prefecture, are introduced. In ancient times, usudaiko odori was danced in front of a house whose tenant served as village headman but today, it is danced in front of shrines in various regions. (Event-holding date: September).

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