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Hinokage-cho , Miyazaki Related category:
Day-to-day life and tradition passed down in our homes    

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The present video records various ways of living of the people of Hinokage-son over 12 months of the year, farming, fishing, forestry, hunting, animal husbandry, multifarious regular annual events, traditional performing arts, and abundant and richly blessed natural scenery from January to December. It projects images of nature and living of the people, scenery, and affluent culture of Hinokage-son, which are constantly fostered without change. In addition, the video introduces Hinokage kagura (Ohito block and Shishigawa block), Yamanaka kagura, rice-planting dance, Unama odori, Fukasumi-danshichi odori, Miyamizu joruri puppet theater, Yansore odori, adult kabuki, and Furuzono bojutsu (the art of using a stick as a weapon).

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