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Misato-cho , Miyazaki
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Kagura of Saigo-son Wakamiya kagura, Osawatari kagura, and Shimato kagura    

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According to tradition, Wakamiya kagura dates back about 1000 years and comprises a total of 16 stages that begins with Jiwari and ends with Inari kagura. From November 22 to the following day, a mikoya (dancing site) is erected, and with this mikoya designated as a temporary shrine, all the 16 stages of kagura are danced. This video introduces the 16 stages. Wakamiya kagura is dedicated on the previous day of Ondasai (held on the first Sunday of July every year), which is a festival carefully handed down in this region, and at the Autumnal Main Festival held as a harvest festival in November.

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