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Higashi Kanasa Shrine Isode Dai Sairei (Isode great festival)    

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This is a video recording the parade of the Dai Sairei (great festival) of Higashi Kanasa Shrine, which is held once every 72 years. This is the 17th time the festival has been held; and it is said that over more than 1,000 years during which this festival was held 16 times, there was not a single time that this festival was canceled. The parade consists of more than 500 persons following Sarutahiko and it can reach lengths as long as 1 km. While the parade makes a round trip to and from Mizukihama of Hitachi City over seven days and six nights, shinji (god worshipping rituals) and dengaku music and dances are performed at various festival points established along the course. The parade is very similar to the one made by Nishi Kanasa Shrine, but it has some differences, namely the costumes, sacred flags, tendoshi, and repertoires of the odengaku. It is said that the total number of spectators over the seven days reaches as many as a million. This is a great festival that prays for the peace and safety of the regions it visits and the people living there.

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