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Ichinokawa Shrine Dai Dai Kagura    

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Although the origin of Ichinokawa Shrine Homotsu Dai Dai Kagura is not clearly known, there is a record of the kagura mikoshi (kagura portable shrine) having been rebuilt in 1847, and it can therefore be speculated that it has a history of 200 years. It is currently being dedicated at the autumn festival of Ichinokawa Shrine. This intangible cultural asset is being preserved and inherited by the "Hijiri Folk Art Preservation Association" whose members consist of all of the approximately 60 households in the Ichinokawa district. The repertoires being inherited are the following six items: the dance of horo-jishi (horo lion) and onbe-jishi (gohei lion), the dance of tama-jishi (tama lion), the dance of kurui-jishi (kurui lion), the dance of three masks, the dance of naiki, and the dance of torisashi.

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