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The Sanbiki Shishimai of Kawasaki    

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There are two styles of shishimai or lion dance which are dedicated to shrines and temples: the "futaridachi shishimai" where more than two people impersonate a lion, and the "hitoridachi shishimai" where one person impersonates a lion, wearing a lion headgear. Among the hitoridachi shishimai, the kind where two male lions and a lioness form a group and dance is called a sanbiki shishimai (a three lion dance). In Kawasaki City, this sanbiki shishimai in the hitoridachi style has been handed down from olden times and is still performed in three areas. This film shows the following three shishimai that have been designated Intangible Cultural Properties by Kawasaki City, depicting the characteristics of each of them: the shishimai of Komukai (dedicated to Hachiman Shrine, Komukainishi, Saiwai Ward), the shishimai of Suge (dedicated to Yakushido, Suge-kitaura, Tama Ward), and the shishimai of Hatsuyama (dedicated to Sugao Shrine, Sugao, Miyamae Ward).

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