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Traditional performing arts of Itoda-machi Rice-planting festival of Kanamura Shrine    

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Itoda-machi, which is located in the center of Fukuoka Prefecture, has been a rice growing region from ancient times. There is a legend that about 1,300 years ago, Otomo no Kanamura struck a "tagiri" (a spring) when he visited this area and used this water to irrigate the paddy fields of this area. It is also said that the name "Itoda" was taken from "ito yoki ta (very good paddy fields)." The rice-planting festival used to be held on the 15th day of the first month in the year of the old calendar, but is now held on March 15. The modern rice-planting festival starts with "Kurogiri," followed by the appearance of "Okatsu" and "Ushi tsukai (cow handler)," which perform "Daikaki," and then the "Taue mai (rice-planting dance)" is dedicated by local elementary school girls, and the festival is concluded with the planting of rice by young people. People bring back Japanese Rush Plants (Acorus gramineus) representing rice plants to their homes and place them in their household altars or their paddy fields as a form of prayer for rich harvests.

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