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Tsuyazaki Festival Romance Tsuyazaki Gion Yamakasa Buzan Shrine Goshinko Festival    

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Fukutsu City has been continuing the "Tsuyazaki Gion Yamakasa," which dates back to 1714, and the "Buzan Shrine Goshinko Festival," which dates back to 1716. The Gion Yamakasa divides the Tsuyazaki region into three areas called "Kita Nagare," "Shinmachi Nagare," and "Oka Nagare" and involves the parading of the yama (mountain) throughout the three areas in a valiant manner. The order is decided by lottery, but the path possesses traditional and complicated rules that must be followed. The "Buzan Shrine Goshinko Festival" is a god ushering event where the mikoshi (portable shrine) is carried for a round trip between Buzan Shrine to Toshimo Shrine in Katsuura, Fukutsu City. A traditional daimyos (feudal lords) procession is added to the parade and a shishigaku (lion dance) is dedicated at the otabidokoro.

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