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Don Can Can, a traditional prayer of gratitude Miyuki Festival of Araho Shrine    

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In Kiyama-cho, the "Miyuki Festival of Araho Shrine" starts at dawn on September 23 every year to pray for rich harvests of all grains and perfect states of health. First, the holy object is transferred onto the mikoshi (portable shrine) and the first set of performances are dedicated. The performances consist of sai-barai (driving away disasters), kane-furyu, shishimai (lion dance), shiro-ha guma, and hasami-bako. The parade consists of many people representing various roles and makes its way to the Okariden building. After the Okariden Chakugyo Sai (the festival for the arrival at the Okariden building), another set of performances is dedicated again. The parade then performs Kangyo (the return to the shrine) and Honden Chinza Sai (the festival for the return to the formal position within the shrine main building) and dedicates the final set of performances. The Miyuki Festival is finally brought to an end by giving thanks for the years harvest and praying for a rich harvest in the following year.

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