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Miyakonojo City , Miyazaki
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Living together with Mt. Kirishima... ~Folk arts passed down in Yamanokuchi-cho~    

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This video introduces the folk arts passed down in each area of Yamanokuchi-cho. Many folk arts have been preserved in this district and this video introduces details related to their historic backgrounds, dance costumes, etc. Although some of the traditional performance arts had unfortunately been lost over the years, they have been revived by preservation associations and volunteers and are now being performed once more. This video is very interesting since it can prove to be a great help in the preservation and continuance of traditional arts. The origin of the "Yagoro-don Matsuri (the festival of Yagoro)," which is said to have evolved from the "Hama Kudari" passed down by Matonosho Hachimangu Shrine, is said to be an incident where an Ohito doll of Yagoro-don was made to appease the ghost of Yagoro, who was the leader of the Hayato Rebellion and was defeated by the imperial court in 720. There are some other traditions such as "Iwakawa Yagoro-don" of Okuma-cho and "Tanoue Yagoro-sama," of Nichinan City.

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