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The music of home is revived. ~Banba Odori (Banba dance) passed down in the Motogumi district~ Oni no Me Hashirakashi ~A traditional event for the calling of spring in the Motogumi district~    

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Takachiho-cho in Miyazaki Prefecture is famous as the location where the ancient gods descended to earth. In the towns Motogumi districts, the "Banba Odori (Banba dance)" is performed on either August 14 or 15 as a part of the events held during the bon period. The local people formed a preservation association in an attempt to restore this Banba Odori to its original form before it was completely lost. Its origin is said to be the dances that were once held in baba (stables) due to the lack of sufficient space for large numbers of people to dance together in mountainous regions, and it is said that the name was later transformed into "Banba Odori." It is characterized by a performance similar to "Bo-uchi (stick-beating)" which is performed in between the dancing. In the Motogumi district, the event "Oni no Me Hashirakashi" is held in the Lunar New Year. It is said that demons become afraid of the flames that reach high up into the air and run away. A yagura made from bamboo is ignited and people beat heated bamboo sticks on the ground to make loud noises designed to drive away demons and their own earthly desires.

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