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Nagaoka City , Niigata
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Traditional Performing Arts of Teradomari: the Shiotaki-bushi, Banzai no Wakamizu, and Echigo-oiwake    

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Teradomari-machi in Niigata Prefecture was once a prospering harbor town owing to its position as a junction for the Kitamae-bune waterway in the early modern period. Along with goods and people, various forms of culture were brought to and became established in this town. The "Shiotataki-bushi," "Banzai no Wakamizu," and "Echigo-oiwake" are valuable ballads which convey the towns glorious past. These ballads were born in the then booming demimonde of Teradomari and have a melancholy tone to them. One can find the chic of that world through the grace and dignity of the music. This film was supervised by two experts, Tsukiko and Chiyoe, a famous pair of geisha in the post-war period, and the last de facto geisha in Teradomari. This is a documentary explaining each ballad together with its background, the Japan Sea trade and the highways of the early modern period.

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