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Miyazaki City , Miyazaki
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Traditional performing arts of Takaoka-cho The breath of ancestors is inherited. "Shirozeme Odori (castle invading dance)"    

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The origin of the "Shirozeme Odori (castle invading dance)" is said to be the Nenbutsu folk dances of Tsuruga which were performed on the orders of Shimazu Yoshihiro in prayer for the cure of infectious diseases and to raise morale. Although it was once lost around 1967, it was revived in 1994 when students in Urano-myo Elementary School began learning it. The dance is performed every year in the athletic meet held in autumn and in the towns industrial and cultural festival. A number of other traditional performing arts are also passed down in Takaoka-cho, and the following have been recorded in videos: Mukasa districts "Mukasa Shogakko Tawara Odori (Mukasa Elementary School straw rice bag dance)," Tanohira districts "Tanohira Barasudeko Odori (Tanohira Barasu drum dance)," Fukamizu districts "Fukamizu Kenbu (Fukamizu sword dance)," Takahama districts "Takahama Kousu Deko Odori (Takahama Kousu drum dance)," Kamikura districts "Kamikura Tawara Odori (Kamikura straw rice bag dance)," and Shimokura districts "Shimokura Awano Jinja Otaue Kagura (Shimokura Awano Shrine rice-planting kagura music and dance)."

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