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Mogura Mochi and Hashira Matsu ~Annual events in Kushima City, Miyazaki Prefecture~    

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In Kushima City, there are two annual events: one is "Mogura Mochi," which is a tradition in the Hirono district, and the other is "Hashira Matsu," held in the Ichiki district. "Mogura Mochi" is an unusual event which has been continued for approximately 300 years. It is held on the night of the full moon in the eighth month of the old calendar and involves "Megosuri" wearing unique costumes and children playing the roles of "Uchiko" visiting each household and banging on the ground with "Waratsuto." After visiting each household, the festival is concluded with a tug of war in which all the participants in this event take part. It is said that the event is held in prayer for rich harvests of all grains and for perfect states of health. The origin of "Hashira Matsu" is said to be an incident in which a dragon that was rampaging around this area was vanquished by throwing fire into its mouth and the event involves throwing flaming torches into a basket called "su (nest)" attached to the upper part of a tall pole. The festival is held every year to pray for rich harvests and perfect states of health and is concluded when a torch is successfully thrown into the basket, which then goes up in flames.

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