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Miyakonojo City , Miyazaki
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Local performing arts in Takajo-cho - Dancing in a romantic city with an ancient history -    

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The Arimizu districts "Kane Odori (Kane dance)" dates back to the time when Arimizu Bizen-no-kami, who had been ruling this area, was killed in a war and the area was also subjected to a famine due to damage to rice crops caused by insect pests. It is said that at this time the Kane Odori was danced for the first time as a memorial service for Arimizu Bizen-no-kami and in prayer for rich harvests. The dance is performed by nine participants consisting of one person each for the roles of Oya-kane, Naka-kane, Ko-kane, and several persons for Yahata (playing drums). A preservation association is actively working on teaching elementary and junior high school students in order to have this tradition passed on and to nurture successors. The origin of "Hanazumo" (flower sumo tournament) in the Ishiyama district is said to be the sumo tournament held in dedication to the shrine worshipping the suijin (water god) which was established to celebrate improvements to the banks of the Joman-no-ike (Joman pond) in 1841, which often failed prior to this point in time. The sumo tournament is held on the last Sunday of August every year and is a major event in this district. Other events introduced are: Sakuragi districts "Sakuragi Tawara Odori" (Sakuragi straw rice bag dance), Hoshihara districts "Hoshihara Yakko Odori" (Hoshihara Yakko dance), Kozenji districts "Kozenji Yakko Odori" (Kozen temple Yakko dance), Yokote and Haranaka districts "Yokohara Yakko Odori" (Yokohara Yakko dance), Homanbo districts "Homanbo Sangatsu Toka Odori" (Homanbo March 10 dance), and Oide districts "Iyobushi Kasa Odori" (Iyobushi umbrella dance).

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