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Visiting local history Local performing arts passed down in Kamou ~People weaving the future of the homeland~    

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There are a number of traditional performing arts that are currently being continued in Kamou-cho, and all of them are said to be related to Lord Shimazu Yoshihiro. In the Kawa-higashi, Kita, and Shimogyutoku districts, the "Taiko Odori (drum dance)" is being passed on by a preservation association. This dance is dedicated to Kamou Hachiman Shrine on August 21. The "Taiko Odori (drum dance)" consists of three roles of "Hota-furi (Hota shaker)," "Taikouchi (drum beater)," and "Kaneuchi (bell ringer)" who each wear different costumes. In the Urushi district, the "Urushi Bara Odori (Urushi Bara dance)" is being passed down by a preservation association. The "Urushi Bara Odori" consists of four roles of "Dorauchi (gong beater)," "Kaneuchi (bell ringer)," "Barauchi." and "Utasha." The performance items "Michiyuki," "Mongakari," and "Binamaki," are introduced. In the Yonemaru district, the "Yonemaru Heko Odori (Yonemaru Heko dance)" is being passed down. It is said that this dance performance was created on the orders of Shimazu Yoshihiro, who intended to deepen communication within the district which had been accredited for its achievements in the invasions of Korea in order to have this story passed onto descendants. The valiant "Bo Odori (pole dance)" inherited in the Miyawaki, Nishiura, and Hisasue districts is also introduced. The "Hisasue Tanokami Mai (the dance of the god of the fields in Hisasue)," which is performed by women only, is being passed down in the Hisasue district.

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