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Higashi Naruse Mura , Akita Related category:
Naruse no Mukashi-kko (spring version), etc.    

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Many folk stories have been inherited for generations in Higashi Naruse Mura in Akita Prefecture, where these folk stories are told to the children and grandchildren of the people in this district. The folk stories are passed down by story tellers. The stories contained in this video have been categorized into the four different seasons, and include scenery and events unique to this district.
Each story is told in the local dialect, but descriptions are provided for the major dialect expressions so that the story can be easily understood by the listener. For example, the word "aba" means mother, and "boboko" means baby. As these folk stories are being passed down by traditional story tellers, it is hoped that the local dialect will also continue to be passed down with them.

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