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The first half is dedicated to introducing the traditional performing arts passed down in Odate City. It introduces the citys intangible folk cultural asset "Odate Hayashi," a dance performance by the "Karakaranzu" (which is said to be the common name for the "reed warbler" bird) Conservation Association, "Kasuta Sake Koshi Mai" dance performance, which is a comic dance that describes the entire process of creating the liquor "doburoku," "Yukizawa Kashima Daiko," where people create straw figures called "Kashima-sama," pay their respect, and float them down a river together with prayers for their wishes to come true (the ohayashi (accompanying songs) for this event are called "Kashima Daiko"), and "Shitamachi Shishimai," which is a "shishi odori (lion dance)" designed to pray for a bountiful harvest.
The latter half introduces the "shishi odori" passed down in the five districts in Odate City. Many regions say that the dance was originally introduced by the vassals of Lord Satake who had accompanied the Lord when he was transferred to Akita. The dances have been passed down continuously since then, but this tradition was interrupted in some districts for a period due to decreasing numbers of dancers. However, people in these districts had a strong desire to continue these traditional dances, and successfully revived these dances during the period from 1946 to 1994. In the past, only the eldest sons of families living in each district were allowed to perform lion dances, but the performances are now made mainly by elementary and junior high school aged children. The original dance used to have a role as a ritual for exorcism, but its main role changed to a ritual for the commemoration of ancestors over time, and has come to be performed in August, during the period of urabon.

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