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Daisen City , Akita
(Nakasen Machi)
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Nakasen Machi, the hometown of Donpan-bushi melody    

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Donpan-bushi melody was born in a town called Nakasen Machi. It is said that, a long time ago, a carpenter named Emazo created a folk song Emazo Jinku based on Akita Jinku. This Emazo Jinku was arranged by his fellow carpenters into "Donpan-bushi," a much more rhythmical melody than the original version. Donpan-bushi was used for a mass dance performed at the National Sports Festival held in Akita in 1961, and become popular throughout the country following this event. Later, a new version with different choreography was created by the dancer Midori Nishizaki, which became the basis for the current version of Donpan-bushi. In 1985, Nakasen Machi held the first "Donpan Festival," and has continued holding the festival until 2004, when this video was created.

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