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Ogano Machi , Saitama
(Ryokami Mura)
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Bushu Chichibu Kougen-Ittouryu    

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Bushu Ryokami Mura (current Ogano Machi) is a village with the population of approximately 3,000 people, located in the northern east part of Saitama Prefecture. It is said that the people in this area used to make their livings mainly through the production of silk, but local people now making their livings by growing flowers and trees.
It is said that Henmi Tashiro Minamoto-no-Yoshitoshi started the Kougen-Ittouryu School (a school of martial arts using a sword) in the An-ei period between 1772 and 1780. The current master, Mr. Chifuji Henmi, is the ninth master, and has inherited his martial arts in an unbroken line. Many forms have been selected from among numerous actual experiences and preserved in Kougen-Ittouryu. The aim of training is to "attain a state of mind in which swordsmanship is equivalent to control of the mind."

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