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Osawa Suisha Monogatari (The Story of Osawa Water Wheel)The Structure of Shin-Guruma Osawa Suisha Monogatari II (The Story of Osawa Water Wheel, Part 2)    

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The concept of "Eco Museum" proposed by Mitaka City in Tokyo has been promoted as a model business which encompasses all activities both natural and human, by preserving to the public the water wheels remaining in Mitaka City. This large water wheel remaining in Osawa was created around 1808 in the late Edo period, which means that it has been in existence for approximately 200 years. The diameter of the water wheel is approximately 4.6 meters, and it once operated 14 mills. Recently, local residents insisted on restoring this water wheel, and it was consequently repaired and restored by millwrights. Part 2 describes the structure of this "new water wheel" in detail. It converts water flow into a source of power for rotative motion, up-and-down movement, and horizontal movement, and it is interesting to see that a number of functions are attained simply through the combination of timber, making maintenance easier.

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