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Sado City , Niigata
(Mano Machi)
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Toyota Ondo    

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The event "Toyota Ondo," in which people dance with "jizo" (stone statues of guardian deities of children) weighing 60 kg or 100 kg on their backs, is passed down in Toyota, Mano district, Sado City, Niigata Prefecture. The "Ondo" is said to have its origins in the Dochu Ondo, which was often sung when the goldmines of Sado Island were at the height of their production. The reason for carrying jizo on their backs is said to have its origins in an episode in which a man, who had lost his wife and child when they were still young, danced the ondo with a jizo on his back as substitutes for them when their spirits returned to his world during the bon period. The "Toyota Ondo" once ceased to be performed, but was revived after a preservation association was formed in 1978.

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