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Nagaoka City , Niigata
(Tochio City)
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Traditional performing arts of Tochio City    

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Tochio City in Niigata Prefecture is a highly historical area since it is connected with Lord Uesugi Kenshin. There are several traditional performing arts passed down in this town.
The Muguradani district has inherited a kagura (Shinto music and dance) performance, the beginnings of which are said to date back 300 years. The Tochio City Muguradani Kagura Preservation Association was formed in 1954, and it has been visiting the homes in the district during the first two days of the New Year since then in order to perform this kagura. Performance items include "Miya-mai," "Iwado-mai," and "Men-kagura."
In the Kitanigoro district, the "Daidai Kagura" is passed down. The Sumori Shrine Gaku-jin-kai was formed in 1884, and since then, the sato kagura of the Izumo School has been dedicated. The Sumori Shrine Daidai Kagura Preservation Association was formed in 1964, and since then has been dedicated to passing on this performance to younger generations.
The "Kodaiji odori," which is passed down in the Nishinakanomata district, is said to have been introduced from Toka-ichi at the end of the Edo period. This performance consists of "odori-te (dancers)," "utai-te (singers)," and "jikata (players of musical instruments) playing shamisen, Japanese flutes, and Japanese drums," and is performed in the local square every year.

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