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Joetsu City , Niigata
(Nadachi Machi)
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Traditional performing arts of Nadachi Machi - Continuing together with hope for the future    

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Nadachi Machi is a long, thin town located along the Nadachi River, which flows through the south western part of Niigata Prefecture. The "Orihira no Shishimai (lion dance of Orihira)," which has been passed down from ancient times in the Orihira district in Nadachi Machi, is famous as the "abare-jishi (rampaging lion)," and the "Mori no Shishimai (lion dance of Mori)," which is passed down in the Mori district, is famous as the "ozasiki jishi (guest room lion)." In addition, "classical dances and folk songs of Fudo" are passed down in the Fudo district. All of these traditional performing arts had been facing difficulties in continuing their traditions due to the aging of odori-te (dancers), utai-te (singers), and jikata (players of musical instruments), as well as decreasing populations. However, following a municipal merger, residents have renewed their commitment to preserving these traditions. This video features the process of passing down these traditions together with the difficulties faced by the people involved. Viewers will in particular enjoy watching the part in which a total stranger to these performances attends training session after training session until he at last learns how to dance the lions part.

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