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The Spring Grand Festival of Hakusan Shrine in Noumachi, Niigata    

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The Shunki Taisai (grand spring festival) of Hakusan Shrine in Noumachi is a festival with a long history. Its existence is already mentioned in the Eikyo era (1429-1441) in the Muromachi period. Not only people in the area, but also many people in and out of the Prefecture gather every year to watch this festival. This festival involves many events and rituals from the selection of the children till the conclusion of the festival, and each has a long-standing history and meaning. There are 12 dances which have been designated National Cultural Properties. The last Ryoo no Mai dance, in particular, is performed with great brio against the backdrop of the sun setting into the Japan Sea, bringing the whole festival to an exciting climax.

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