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Hachiman Kohyo Shrine Hojo-e    

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Usa Hojo-e, the origins of which date back to the Nara period, is an important event held by Miroku Temple belonging to Usa Jingu Temple, which releases animals in captivity for the purpose of saving the souls of these animals, following the lessons prohibiting the killing of animals taught in Buddhism. During this event, Kohyo Shrine located in Mike-no-Kori and Shimoge-gun dedicated Kugutsu-mai (puppet dance) in the sea in front of the floating temple in Wama, Usa from the ancient days of the Heian period. In the Edo period, Kohyo Shrine began to hold the festival independently. It used to be held once every four years together with the Chushu festival held on August 15, but is held together with the Oirokashi festival held on August 6 and 7. The parade goes up and down the Yamakuni River for a distance of approximately 4 kilometers to perform the ceremony Hojo and to dedicate the Kuwashio mai (Kuwashio dance). Fish and shellfish such as nina (a type of univalve shellfish) are then released. The Kuwashio mai, kami-zumo, and kagura (Shinto music and dance) are then dedicated in the grounds of Kohyo Shrine.

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