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Kimotsuki Cho , Kagoshima
(Takayama Machi)
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The local traditional performing art "Kouyama"    

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"Yabusame": A rider on a horse gallops along the shrines 330-meter horse track three times, shoots three arrows at targets in each run (nine arrows in total), and the likelihood of a bountiful harvest for the year is foretold by counting how many arrows hit the targets. The rider for each year is selected from among volunteer local children living within the town who are in their second year of junior high school.
The origin of the "Hachigatsu Odori (August dance)" is said to be the ceremony dedicated to Suijin-sama which is performed by the entire settlement. This is an event in which the participants wear crested haoris over yukata kimonos, and dance to music from shamisen, kokyu (Chinese fiddles), and Japanese drums. The video introduces "Honmachi Hachigatsu Odori" and "hami Hachigatsu Odori." "Nozaki no Kama Odori (Nozaki sickle dance)" is a sickle dance dedicated to the local Ise Shrine every year, and in which sickle dance performances are made by three promotion associations of Mizukubo, Tsukazaki, and Wada. There are a number of theories regarding the origins of the sickle dance, but the most widely accepted theory is the one describing that the Lord Shimazu Yoshihiro ordered the performance to be made to encourage and invigorate soldiers who were to be sent abroad. The video also introduces "Tomiyama no Bo-odori (Tomiyama stick dance)" and "Hamishimo no Bo-odori (Hamishimo stick dance)."

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