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Traditional Craftsmanship Nanbukei Kokeshi    

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A Kokeshi Doll, which were as born as local toy in the Tohoku region, has 10 different types. Those producted in the area around the city Hanamaki are known as "Nanbukei Kokeshi." Although the history of the Kokeshi Dolls is not clearly stated, it has been believed that it was either the end of Edo era or the beginning of Meiji that the production of the Dolls first started. At that time, people would often look for the Kokeshi Dolls for souvenirs when they visited hot springs to get rid of their fatigue after the end of harvest time. The Nanbukei Kokeshi used to be characterized by their "shape originated from a pacifier","movable head", and "appearance that is not being decorated". They have gradually been influenced by the Naruko Kokeshi Dolls and have come to take a current popular shape. The original video introduces types of wood, decoration, lathes that are all used for producing the Kokeshi Dolls, bellows used for making knives, and folk religion rituals through showing the process by a craftsman.

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