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Tozawa Sasara    

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"Tozawa-no-Sasara" is performed as a prayer for bountiful harvests. It is said that this ritual was introduced from the Nanbu Shizukuishi area. Although this ritual almost disappeared due to a lack of performers in the Heisei Period (1989-), the performance was revived in 2004 thanks to the participation of local and young volunteers.
The video introduces the performance as follows. The performance titled "Yakko" is danced by performers holding "game" (sticks, keyari (decorated spears) (bonbori) hyotans, and Chinese fans, etc.) in their hands. The performance "Yado-iri" is a shishimai (lion dance) performed by 3 lions. It is performed by a male lion (lion number one), a female lion (middle lion), and another male lion (lion number two). The performance "Mejishi Gumi" is performed by these 3 lions together with "Ooji." The video then moves on to an introduction of the performance "tools" (required for each performance), "costumes" (what they look like, and how they are worn), and the "musical instruments used for playing Yakko music" (such as big drums, folk-style flutes with 6 holes, and the instruments used for tunes such as tebiragane, etc.).

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