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The Field Artists - Osudo No    

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Osudo Noh is a form of nogaku (traditional Japanese musical drama) which has been inherited in the Osudo settlement of Asahi-mura, Niigata Prefecture. It has inherited the characteristics of the Kurokawa noh of Yamagata Prefecture. It is a performing art which has developed a style and technique of dramatic art different from that of the main five streams of nogaku. Concerning the "Kanze Ouchi-gakari Kurokawa-ryu Osudo Noh,": it has been said that Osudo noh originates from the time when Takoi Jinsuke, a Kurokawa-stream noh actor from Shonai, stayed in the household of Nakayama Yosouemon, a village headman, and taught noh plays in the winter of 1844. Since then, through the Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods, masters were invited from Kurokawa in Shonai, and farmers practiced and passed on the skills. It is therefore an "art of the fields" (i.e. farmers art). It has been performed not only in Niigata Prefecture, but also at the National Noh Theater and the Yokohama Noh Theater. It has also been vigorously performed overseas, including in the U.S.A. and Germany, contributing to private cultural exchange activities. Nowadays, it is attracting the young generation and the number of society members is on the increase, giving incentive to further training and rehearsals.

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