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Kuroda Ningyo Joruri (Kuroda Puppet Play) Kamakura Sandaiki (The tale of 3 generations of a family living in Kamakura) Miura Wakare no Dan (The farewell in Miura) Adesugata Onna Maiginu (The dance costume of the glamorous woman) Sakaya no Dan (In the liquor shop) Oshu Adachi-ga-hara Sandan-me Sode Hagi Saimon no Dan    

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The origin of Kuroda Ningyo Joruri (Kuroda Puppet Play), which is passed down in Shimo-Kuroda, Kamisato, Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, dates back to the Genroku Period (1688-1704) when a priest in the village taught Gidayu (the music for the Joruri Puppet Play), shamisen (the traditional guitar-like Japanese musical instrument), and puppet playing to a young man in the village. The people of the village often gathered to learn these techniques in those days, and eventually, all the villagers began to participate in performing the puppet plays. Following this period, in the Tenmei Period (1781-1789), puppet players such as Juzaburo Yoshida and others who had visited the village during a tour of their puppet play from Naka Awaji no Kuni settled in Kuroda and passed down their techniques, which helped to mature puppet playing in Kuroda even further. A theater dedicated for puppet plays was established using donations made by the villagers, and this theater is currently designated as a national important tangible folk cultural asset. Since then, the puppet plays have been passed down to the present villagers who perform the plays in this theater. The plays are also designated as a national
intangible folk cultural asset.
The video introduces the performance "Kamakura Sandaiki (The tale of 3 generations of a family living in
Kamakura)," "Miura Wakare no Dan (The farewell in Miura)," "Oshu Adachi-ga-hara Sandan-me," "Sode
Hagi Saimon no Dan," "Adesugata Onna Maiginu (The dance costume of the glamorous woman)," and
"Sakaya no Dan (In the liquor shop)." Each performance is preceded by an explanation making the performances very easy to understand.

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