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Wajima no Shishimai (Wajimas Lion Dance) Mii Machi no Shishimai (Mii Machis Lion Dance)    

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Shishimai (Lion Dance) has been traditionally performed in Mii Machi, Wajima City. It is said that the history of the dance dates back to the Heian Period (794-1191) in the Koizumi and Urushibara regions, to the Tenpo Period (1830-1843) in the Ichino-saka region, to 1905 in the Uchiya region, and to 1952 in the Sue region. The lion is manipulated by 4 people, 1 person manipulates the head, and the other 3 people manipulate the "kaya" (the body). The person who leads the dance is called the "tengu" or "hyottoko," and dances in unison with the lion. At the "Gosha Matsuri (Gosha festival)" held annually at "Ohata Kan-sugi Izumu Hime Shrine" within the region, the mikoshis (portable shrines) from the 9 neighboring regions gather together. The lion of the Koizumi and Urushibara regions then leads these mikoshis, and also dedicates its dance at the shrine. This video introduces the rehearsals of the elementary and junior high school students who will be playing the lion role, and the actual
performance of the lion dance. This diverse dance enthralls audiences even today.

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