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The Religious Ritual Hana-no Iwaya Otsuna Kake    

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Along the Kumano Kodo, which are famous as the paths for making pilgrimages to the Kumano Shrines, there is a gigantic rock looking down on the Shichiri Mihama coast. This rock is the world heritage "Hana-no Iwaya." "Hana-no Iwaya" is a shrine which enshrines the Japanese goddess Izanami-no-Mikoto. Preparing for the religious ritual Hana-no Iwaya Otsuna Kake is designated intangible folk cultural asset designated by Mie Prefecture, beginning with the harvesting of rice from the rice field dedicated for this ritual, and the straw obtained from the rice plants is then used to make the Otsuna. The harvested rice is made into mochi rice cakes which are used for the mochi-throwing event on the day of the festival. The rope needs to be approximately 170 meters long, and is woven by the ujikos. The "nobori-ko"s (the climbers) are purified through a religious ceremony on the day, and then climb the mountain. These ujikos take on the responsibility of pulling the rope up from the ground. Once the rope has been pulled up and fixed onto the Iwaya, the worshipers pull the rope downwards to set it into the specified place, thus completing the ritual.

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