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The Festivals and Performance Arts of Kintomi Shrine in Toyo-no-Kuni O-taue Festival (Rice Planting Festival) Kintomi Kagura (Kintomi dance and music dedicated to the god)    

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Shiida Machi, Chikujo Gun was consolidated with Tsuiki Machi to form Chikujo Machi. Located in this area is "Kintomi Shrine," which has enshrined the god Hachiman Ookami from ancient times. This god protects the local area, and the shrine holds the "Gojinko Festival (festival of the gods appearance to the common people)." After this religious ritual is completed, the gods body is then placed onto a mikoshi (portable shrine), and the Gojinko continues with the mikoshi visiting the "southern Tabisho (temporary resting spot for the portable shrine)," the "elementary school Tabisho," and the "Oku-no-hama Tabisho." Religious rituals are held at each spot. On the second day, the mikoshi moves down to the beach where prayers are made for plentiful catches and safety within households, after which the "O-taue Festival (Rice Planting Festival)" is held. Throughout the Gojinko, the "Yaman-guruma" and "Odori-guruma" accompany the mikoshi. Although the "Kintomi Kagura" (Kintomi dance and music dedicated to the god) was discontinued at one time, it was revived thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of local residents. The "Kintomi Kagura" performances this year consisted of "Sanmai," "Orii Kagura," "Sanjin Kagura," and "Misaki Kagura."

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