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Sonobe Kunchi    

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Sonobe Kunchi is a traditional event traditionally held at Homan Shrine. Homan Shrine enshrines Tamayori Hime-no-Mikoto as its festival god, as well as the Emperor Ojin and the Empress Jingu. "Sonobe Kunchi" starts in the harvesting season. The gods are placed onto the mikoshi during the ritual "Goshinnyu no Gi," and the mikoshi then leaves Homan Shrine to visit the common people during a stage of the event called "Okudari (meaning "to descend")," before being transferred to the Okari-den (temporary pavilion). The parade consists of the "Shinsui Oke" who purifies the path, the "Dososhin" who removes evil spirits, the "Gozani" who holds the "Goku-butsuni" containing offerings and the mat, followed by children who take on the role of "Oteppo (gun holders)" and "Oyumi (arrow holders)." Following this group come the "Haguma" and "Hasami-bako," who form center part of the parade, followed by the "mikoshi" held by men. The "mikoshi" is then placed in the "Okari-den" for a while to take a rest. The journey back is called "Onobori (meaning "to ascend")," and takes time to return to the original shrine. This gojinko (gods appearance to the common people) is a prayer for bountiful harvests, and is also said to be an
opportunity to show the gods the common people having fun.

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