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The Sound of the Flutes, the Beating of the Drums, and the Shishimai in Full Play    

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A shishimai (lion dance) is performed as a kamifuri for the tutelary god of each village. In Tonami district, almost all shishimai are performed at autumn festivals. Most of this areas shishimai take the mukade-jishi (centipede-lion) style, and they are roughly divided into Himi-jishi and Tonami-jishi, according to the equipment and the way the dance is performed. Himi-jishi does not have a bamboo ring at the trunk and the opponent of the shishi (lion) is a tengu with bird headgear who dances vigorously with a shishimai-bo stick. This is also called "odori-jishi" because of its dancing style. On the other hand, the Tonami-jishi has a bamboo ring at the trunk and the shishitori (the opponent of the lion) is performed by a child carrying a weapon, such as a bar, a naginata or a tachi sword. Because of its slow tempo, the dance is also called "nirami-jishi" (the glowering lion dance). The film introduces an example of Himi-jishi performed by Yonami village, and of Tonami-jishi performed by Ranjo-shitamura village.

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