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Karatsu Hikiyama Bayashi    

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"Karatsu Hikiyama" is also referred to as "Karatsu Kunchi." The annual autumn grand festival held at Karatsu Shrine involves parading the Hikiyama around the town. The ohayashi (music) performed during this parade is called "Hikiyama Bayashi." Each of the 14 Hikiyamas of Karatsu City and the ohayashi performed by the members of each town are said to have their own distinctive characteristics, and are all slightly different from each other.
"Karatsu Kunchi" collectively refers to a series of annual events where the "Shin-shun Hayashi Zome Shiki (New Years first music event)" is held during the New Year, the "Spring Annual Grand Festival" is held in May, the "Maku-arai (Curtain Washing) Event" is held in summer, the "Hatsu Kunchi (First Kunchi)/Hon-den Sai (Festival of the Main Shrine Pavilion)" is held in October, and the "Okunchi/Hon-matsuri (Main Festival)" is held in November.
There are 3 different types of hayashi. The "Tateyama Bayashi" is played while the Hikiyamas are taking rests, the "Michi Bayashi" is played while the parade proceeds from Karatsu Shrine to Ote Gate, and the "Seri Bayashi" is played while the Hikiyamas are being pulled. You will be able to fully enjoy all the "Karatsu Hikiyama Bayashi"
starting from No. 1, Katana Machi to No. 14, Egawa Machi.

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