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Where the Gods and Humans Interact with Each Other The Annual Events of Aoi Aso Shrine Passed on to the Next Generation    

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"Aoi Aso Shrine" was built in 806 as a branch shrine of "Aso Shrine" in which the protective god of settlement was enshrined, and celebrated the 1,200th anniversary of the gods enshrinement in 2006. This video records the annual events held at "Aoi Aso Shrine."
"Nagoshi Matsuri," which is held on June 30 of the lunar calendar, is held as a prayer to be able to remain healthy during the transition from summer to autumn. "Chi-no-wa," which is a ring made from thatch as well as thatch spread on the ground, is set in front of the shrine, and worshipers pass through this ring. For 9 days from October 3 to 11, the "Okunchi Festival" is held. On October 3, the religious ritual "Dai-ichinichi Sai (the Festival of the First Day)" is held. On October 5, a lottery drawing takes place to choose the servant for the lion, and the event "Michi Zukuri (Road Creation)" is held to fill in the ditch between the two-storied gate and the torii shrine gate. On October 6, the establishment of the otabisho (the portable shrines resting spot) and "Taiho On-shime" starts. This is an extremely rare event which is held only once every 50 years. In front of this "Taiho On-shime," the kagura (Shinto music and dance) is dedicated. There are 17 kaguras currently performed, and they are performed one after another. On October 9, the parade "Jinko Gyoretsu" is held with the participation of as
many as 2,700 people. On October 11, the religious ritual "Hosan Sai" is held to close the Okunchi Festival.
"Joya Sai" is held on December 31, and "Saitan Sai" is held on January 1 to celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

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