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Kobayashi City , Miyazaki
(Nojiri Machi)
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Passing Down Cultural Heritage to the Next Generation - The Traditional Local Performing Arts of Nojiri Machi -    

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The "Kamiya Shiro-zeme Odori (Kamiya Castle-invading dance)," a castle-invading dance traditionally passed down in the Kamiya region in Nojiri Machi, is dedicated at Kozuma Shrine on November 23 every year. The dance features the invasions of castles that took place in the region during the Tensho Period (1573-1593), and was made into the current form of a set of songs and dances during the Genroku Period (1688-1704). It includes the performances "Kaso no Odori (Masquerade dance)" and "Shiro-zeme (castle invasion)."
"Higashi Fumoto Heko Odori (Higashi Fumoto young mens dance)" is a young mens dance traditionally passed down in the Higashi Fumoto region. A preservation association for this dance was formed in 1985 backed by the enthusiastic support of local people, enabling the performance to be revived. The dancers include the "samurai," the "local governor," the "gatekeeper," the "farmer," the "farmers wife," and the "traveling entertainer." The dancers are all dressed differently, wear exaggerated makeup, and perform humorous dances. Some short comical plays are inserted between the dances.
"Higashi Fumoto/Shinchi Baba Bo Odori (Higashi Fumoto/Shinchi Baba stick dance)" starts when the music performers enter led by the "Miggyaku (person who strikes clapping sticks)," followed by dancers holding sticks and swords, and the stick and sword dance begins. It is said that Lord Yoshihiro Shimazu sent his servants to teach the dance to the common people after he had returned from the war with Korea.
"Mikano-yama Kane Odori (Mikano-yama bell dance)" is a bell dance passed down in the Mikano-yama region.
This dance is performed by "Kogane (small bell)," "Hon-gane (main bell)," "Naka-gane (medium bell)," "Hon Daiko (main drum)," and "Utai-te (singer)," all of which wear different costumes. There are 10 different performance items including "Mon Gakari" and "Kane Zoroi," etc., all of which are introduced in this video.

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